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SXVenom Mountain


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Yamaha’s Venom Mountain offers new riders a better chance to enjoy the altitude. The compact fuel-injected 397cc two-stroke engine and lightweight chassis make the Venom Mountain more than capable of exploring that next bowl. Venom Mountain also gets the same Mountain Single-Beam skid frame as the Mountain Max with the single-pivot, single-rail design allowing the 146-inch footprint to go anywhere, anytime. Electric start, reverse, and high and low hand warmers give you all the features of a big sled in a nimble lighter package.

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Mountain Single Beam Suspension

The long 12-inch travel rear suspension features a lightweight single-rail design for easy directional change with exceptional carving ability in the deep and steep. The advanced skid frame features a single pivot at the midpoint of the rail that runs down the centerline of the track. The single rail is over 10 pounds lighter by design and doesn't trap snow compared to conventional dual-rail suspensions keeping the sled much lighter in real-world conditions.

Yamaha Mountain Ski

The lightweight Yamaha Mountain Ski delivers everything you want in a deep snow ski. Its seven-inch-wide footprint enhances flotation and actively lifts the sled’s nose up on plane in deep powder. Traction lugs on the top of the ski give you a sure foothold when the situation gets really gnarly. The single-keel design delivers light steering effort, yet confident and predictable handling on hard pack and in fresh fluff.

Digital Gauge

A compact digital gauge gives the rider speed, RPM, fuel level, hours and distance at a glance. There are also light indicators to warn against any oil or engine temperature issues.




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SXVenom Mountain