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The hot look of the Snoscoot is guaranteed to appeal to the young shredder. Taking its styling cues from our full size performance machines, the Snoscoot is now the envy of school yards all over the snow belt.

The 'butterfly' type carburetor and modified air-box enhance engine starting and off-idle response in all conditions. It also offers easy adjustability for idle speed stability and delivers excellent fuel efficiency with low emissions.

The steering system is laid out to offer a wide range of seating positions to accommodate various size riders. The racy handlebar height adds another element to the look and feel that complements the overall ergonomics.

A throttle override system is included to make sure the RPM returns to idle in the event of anything affecting the normal operation of the cable-to-carburetor throttle system.

Yamaha made sure there is plenty of electrical power in the Snoscoot for its bright 'trail legal' lighting system, toasty hand warmers and convenient electric starter.

The Snoscoot's performance benefits from a direct drive, CVT with plenty of gear ratio supplied through a durable rubber drive belt and variable pulley transmission.

The Snoscoot features a lightweight Hayes Hydraulic Disc brake to provide easy operation with positive stopping power to the track.

The 192cc engine has an RPM Limiter to make sure the maximum reliable RPM is never exceeded to ensure long engine life and speed is controlled for safe operation. The governor is also tamper proof to reduce the chance of young engineers trying to by-pass the system.

A fully transistorized electronic ignition helps ensure reliable starts and endless hours of maintenance-free operation.


Double wishbone front suspension serves up 4.5 inches of travel with a 30.5-inch ski stance giving the Snoscoot plenty of stability and ride comfort.

A preload adjustable torsion spring and hydraulic shock absorber take care of the slide rail rear suspension duties offering up 4.5-inches of vertical rail travel

The Yamaha designed, lightweight plastic ski for the SnoScoot complements the size and weight of the smaller chassis. It provides excellent steering character with just the right amount of float for play in the soft stuff.

The spindles and A-arms have been designed with geometry to help keep the steering effort low and handling precise.


A bright 55/65 watt bulb lights up the way to make sure the SnoScoot rider can see and be seen. Meeting the international compliance specifications for public trail use.

Parents all know that cold hands can cut a kid’s day short. The SnoScoot features standard heated grips to extend the fun.

Sturdy front and rear bumpers are a must have feature helping protect the chassis from unexpected bumps and bangs. They also come to the aid when the need to pull around either end of the machine is required.

The sculpted mid-height wind deflector strikes a nice balance between function and great looks held in common with the snow conquering Sidewinder.

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***Wet weight includes the vehicle with all standard equipment and all fluids, including oil, coolant (as applicable) and a full tank of fuel. It does not include the weight of options or accessories. Wet weight is useful in making real-world comparisons with other models.

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