2025 SRViper L-TX GT


Top Features

The proven three-cylinder Genesis engine features a sophisticated closed-loop fuel injection system and four-valves per cylinder. The 1,049cc engine delivers class-leading horsepower, instant throttle response and a thick torque curve that jettisons you from corner to corner in a blink of an eye. All with great fuel economy and a reputation for bulletproof durability.

The ARCS front suspension features tall, high-strength, forged alloy spindles and lightweight upper A-arms. The geometry is designed to optimize suspension function while increasing ground clearance. This results in greater bite with less chassis roll for more predictable and consistent handling.

The SR Viper L-TX GT is equipped with premium Fox QS3 shocks. The Fox high-pressure gas, coil-over shock features a piggyback chamber to deliver reduced fading, exceptional control, and three easy-to-adjust compression damping performance settings so you can quickly and easily adjust the ride to conditions and riding preference.

The Yamaha designed single keel ski strikes the elusive balance between lightweight steering effort and precision handling over a wide range of snow conditions. Special staggered carbides further enhance steering response. A unique shim pad assembly works in conjunction with the rubber saddle block to adjust the carbide pressure point.


The forward-facing design of the air-box and engine intake system on the Genesis 1,049cc engine powerplant results in maximum airflow and no starvation. This ensures maximum power and throttle response. In addition, a high-flow stainless steel exhaust header is cooled by snow for optimum performance without excessive heat and noise.

Featuring Yamaha drive and driven clutching, the YVXC system delivers smooth engagement, instant acceleration, fast reacting backshift, and cool operating temperatures for a long belt life. The YVXC clutch system delivers Yamaha’s hallmark smooth power delivery, responsive engine feel and unmatched quality.

Regarded as the best high-performance terrain track available, the 1.25-inch lug design of the RipSaw II delivers incredible acceleration, braking control, and handling in a wide variety of conditions.

A dual-piston brake caliper applies braking forces directly to the drive shaft and is mated to an oversized rotor. The 'Stealth' master cylinder and composite 'Stealth' brake lever offer excellent modulation and feel with ergonomically precise operation.


The over-structure design of the SRV chassis creates a rigid mounting point for the unique 30-degree swept design of the SRV front suspension. The angled mounting design directs impacts back to the strongest points of the chassis, creating a more stable and predictable ride. Tall, lightweight forged spindles help to deliver an incredibly strong front suspension with controlled camber geometry for stability and light steering effort.

Sophisticated aluminum extrusions are joined with precision castings to create an incredibly strong, lightweight and rider-intuitive chassis. The over-structure design provides rigidity and is developed to disperse severe impacts throughout the chassis making it exceptionally resilient.

The dual-shock SR 137 long-travel rear suspension offers premium ride comfort with excellent bump bridging capabilities, traction and tunability thanks to a premium Fox 2.0 QS3 rear shock absorber and HPG center shock. The SR 137 is a 'coupled' suspension that utilizes a unique sliding front arm mount. With up to half-inch of movement at the front arms slot, the system allows the SR 137 to deliver controlled (reduced) ski-lift during acceleration while still retaining front arm bump compliance.

The multi-function case is made of lightweight magnesium and serves multiple functions. Foremost it serves as the chaincase housing with integrated push button reverse. It also provides a rigid mounting location for the upper chassis spar and serves as the remote oil reservoir. The multi-function design makes for a lightweight and more compact chassis resulting in improved ride and handling.


The handlebar controls feature a left-hand switch cluster which allows for 'on-the-fly' access to the multi-step hand and thumb warmer adjusters. Information available on the multi-function gauge can be easily selected with a convenient toggle switch and the push-button reverse gear switch is also located in the left-hand cluster. The right side of the bar is clean with an ergonomically shaped throttle lever and simple, stand-alone engine stop switch. The Hayes 'Stealth' brake cylinder is equipped with a composite brake lever providing great modulation for better feel and powerful stopping performance.

The high-intensity LED headlight is lighter and brighter than a traditional incandescent design and delivers an accurately focused beam with a significantly longer lifespan. A bright LED tail / brake light assembly complements the LED headlight.

The medium smoked polycarbonate windshield was designed to shield the high-mileage rider from the coldest days. The windshield incorporates a small lip at the top to deflect wind and snow up and over the rider at speed, while flared edges provide added protection and warmth for your hands. The GT windshield was also designed to accommodate optional mirrors. The windshield is thicker than standard windshields to reduce mirror vibration at speed and features pre-marked indents for an easy installation of the accessory mirrors.

Special high-density foam is sculpted to aid easy transition from seated to standing and shaped to allow maximum rider mobility from side to side. Its durometer is firm with just the right amount of comfort for long days in the saddle and its grippy surface helps hold you in position when grabbing a handful of throttle. The addition of a toasty heat element will be really appreciated on those long cold days.

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***Wet weight includes the vehicle with all standard equipment and all fluids, including oil, coolant (as applicable) and a full tank of fuel. It does not include the weight of options or accessories. Wet weight is useful in making real-world comparisons with other models.

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